How is GoalSumo Different ?

Give your dreams an actionable blueprint  for making them real

Put your ambitions and goals on the fast track to DONE.

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How to Give Your Dreams a Chance...

Unlike other goal and productivity systems which are bulky, complicated, and nearsighted, GoalSumo was developed for one objective: to deliver your dream life with targeted productivity.
  • dream to become a multi-millionaire?
  • dream to win an Academy Award?
  • dream to win a triathalon?
  • dream to be elected a senator or prominent politician?
  • dream to retire thirty years early?
  • dream to live on the beach in a palace?
  • dream to start a charity that helps millions?
Using visualization, GoalSumo identifies your best life and then guides you into our proprietary "goal chain" process, a reverse-engineering exercise in which your most fantastic dreams are transformed into actionable strategy. From fitness to finances to fun, GoalSumo prioritizes your best dream life and organizes them into elastic "time silos" so your day is always optimized for the best outcomes, both in the near-term and long-term.
Ask yourself if what you are doing today is enough to get you where you want to be tomorrow. Small actions today lead to big outcomes tomorrow.
~ MJ DeMarco, Cofounder
GoalSumo is designed for life's unpredictability and keeps your strategy flexible: No calendar integrations. No deadlines. Just small, daily progress toward the awesome life you want to live.
With GoalSumo, you can engineer and plan a realistic strategy for achieving your most ambitious goals in just a few short years, while still being inspired and inspirited about the daily details. A small action today can move mountains tomorrow.

Finally, a simple task system that targets your dream life.

GoalSumo optimizes your daily productivity into a goal-crushing machine keeping you laser-focused on what's important, while not neglecting the essential.
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