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GoalSumo strategically fuses your ambitious goals with daily productivity. Visualize, plan, and reverse-engineer your fantastic dream life into reality.
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mj demarco entrepreneur and author
We don't have a goal-setting problem. People set goals every New Year. The problem is, most people who fail at their goals don't have a systematic process for achieving them, a guiding blueprint that inspires and rewards daily progress until that exhilarating moment when a goal becomes a reality.
~ MJ DeMarco, Cofounder
break through goals and overcome obstacles

Finally, a simple task system with an intuitive focus on achieving your dreams.

From fitness to finances, GoalSumo optimizes your daily productivity into a goal-crushing machine. Unlike other task systems which get lost in life's trivialities, GoalSumo keeps you laser-focused on what's important, while not neglecting the essential. Productivity simplified, big goals empowered—without the bloat or intimidation.

Dream big, but prioritize small.

Based on MJ DeMarco's 1/5/10 Planasy as outlined in the best-selling book The Great Rat Race Escape, GoalSumo transforms your big goals into an actionable strategy, straight down to your daily tasks. With GoalSumo, no dream is too big and anything becomes possible.

Retire with millions

Money and Finance

Build a $10M+ business

Work and Career

Lose 100 lbs

Health and fitness

Find my soulmate

Love and Romance

Win a triathlon

Personal Development

Ignite a firestorm of laser-like productivity

Leverage GoalSumo's revolutionary "goal-chaining" process to supercharge any goal and turn any dream into reality. 

Start with your most ambitious goals and let GoalSumo reverse-engineer them into bite-sized, achievable sub-goals. GoalSumo strategically slices your big goals into flexible time-silos, creating an elastic step-by-step blueprint for their achievement, right down to your daily "to do" list.
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Start Here

6-10 Years

Your Dream Goal

Money bag icon

Sell my business for at least $10M

Sell a company for at least 8-figures, potentially retire early or start a charity.
Now think about the next

2-6 Years

Mid-Term Goal

Scale my business, minimum $1M in profit

Scale my venture to either $1M in sales or $2.5M in sales
We can now envision the next

6-24 Months

Near-Term Goal

Own a profitable business and have sales of $10K or more.

Own a business that can potentially scale to a $10M valuation.
What are your big action items?

1-6 Months

Monthly Goal

Start or purchase a business

Begin the due diligence process for a business to start or purchase a business.
Break the monthly goal into weekly goals

1-3 Weeks

Weekly Goal

Find and review 20 business opportunities

Research potential business ideas, or businesses for sale.

Can 5 questions and 4 minutes change your life?

Start today and be the definitive author of your future dream life...
mj demarco entrepreneur and author
Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.
~ Pablo Picasso, Painter

Unleash your superpowers.

Laser your focus

No deadlines. No calendar integrations. Complete elasticity allows maximum daily production, without neglecting the big picture.

Crush meaningful goals

Most task systems are blindly focused on life's daily trivialities. GoalSumo is big picture, while not neglecting the present.

Endless durable motivation

Reinvent goal-achievement into a fun and exciting process. GoalSumo gamifies productivity so big goals become likely.

Empower knowledge

Infuse your day with high-value quotes from a variety of best-selling authors, giving you a regular, unfair knowledge advantage.

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